16' x 24' and a minimum height of 2'


Please contact Brian DuNard with Burning Las Vegas to discuss sound system.


For smaller shows (to be decided by Burning Las Vegas or specified sound crew) a number of electrical outlets (standard edison receptacles) may be accessible for the stage.  This will be a minimum of  4 separate 20 amp circuits located at stage.  For larger shows a minimum of 5 separate 20 amp circuits should be located at stage.  If the venue cannot provide the above power please contact Burning Las Vegas to make arrangements.

BACK LINE (if provided by Purchaser): 

1.  Five piece drum kit including hardware. ( acceptable brands: Pearl, DW, Gretch, Ludwig, Slingerland, or Mapex please no entry level kits!)
Three crash cymbals (thin to medium thin 16" to 18", one ride, and 14" high-hats, (acceptable brands, Zildjan, Sabian, Paiste.)

2. Bass guitar rig should include either a  2x10" top cabinet, or one 15" cabinet and a bass amplifier (head). Preferred brands are Eden, Ashdown, Hartke.

3.  Guitar amp should consist of Fender Deluxe Reverb, Fender Twin, or Dr. Z Maz 38.

4.  Keyboards should consist of one B3 organ and leslie speaker. 

BLV Stage Plot '12